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Website Audit

Our website audit discovery, analyses your existing website or online store. Highly recommended before starting a new one because the audit output can help you identify existing issues, determine pathways for remediation, benchmark competitor strategies, and create a roadmap for improvements while saving your time, money and resources eventually..

The audit covers the following:

✓ SEO & Content

✓ Branding & Design

✓ Technology & Responsiveness

✓ Social Media Marketing

✓ Analytics & Search

Benefits of the Audit:

✓ Formulate a tailored strategy on key parameterss

✓ Benchmark competitor strategies Vs your own.

✓ Create a roadmap for improvements

✓ Save time, money and resources


✓ A detailed audit report (with recommendations) that includes performance issues in your website in terms of traffic/leads/business growth

✓ Two x 1 hour video calls before and after the audit including any Q&A

✓ Delivery Timescales: 4 business weeks

✓ Output/Deliverable: PDF Document of ppt report

What the Audit Covers

Detailed discovery and analysis (with recommendations) of existing performance issues across the current website SEO, Content, Branding, Design, Development, Mobile Responsiveness, Social Media Marketing, Analytics & Search

Price: £1125 + VAT (£1250) [ 10% off (save £125.05) ]

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The audit will be delivered on first-come-first-serve basis within 4-5 weeks

FAQ on Complete Digital Audit Services

Complete Digital Audit is a comprehensive evaluation of all digital assets and activities of a website, including its design, functionality, user experience, content, search engine optimisation (SEO), security, and overall online reputation. In short, It is an audit service that encompasses different types of audits under one umbrella. The audit is conducted to identify areas of improvement and opportunities for growth in a website's digital presence and overall user experience.

A Complete Digital Audit involves a detailed analysis or audit of a website's structure, design, functionality, user experience, content, SEO, security, and online reputation. It may also include an evaluation of the website's performance, accessibility, and responsiveness across various devices and platforms. It is a complete review of the entire website in every aspect from user experience to marketing, that identifies any shortcomings and areas for improvement.

A complete digital audit is a better starting point than just revamping your website because it provides a thorough overview of your website's strengths and weaknesses. It is a great way to fix only what is required, in a structured manner, with the objective of improving overall performance. By starting with a digital audit, you can gain a better understanding of what changes are necessary to improve your website's performance and online presence, ensuring that your website is optimised for success.

A complete digital audit benefits a business in several ways. Firstly, it helps businesses to identify areas of improvement and opportunities for growth, providing them with a roadmap for optimising their online presence. Secondly, a digital audit can help businesses to save time and money by focusing on the most critical areas of improvement, rather than revamping the entire website. Thirdly, a digital audit can help businesses to identify potential cybersecurity risks and vulnerabilities, protecting the business's digital assets. Ultimately, a digital audit helps businesses to make informed decisions about their website, resulting in improved user experience, better engagement with customers, and increased website traffic.

The duration of a Complete Digital Audit depends on the size and complexity of the website. It typically takes a working week to conduct a thorough audit and compile a detailed report with recommendations.
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