Our Pledge

Our pledge

No man (or business) is an island. As a business with core family values, we have a set of commitments that we pledge to the various sections of wonderful people that we interact with. Adapting the Ubuntu philosophy, we strongly believe in the saying, "We are who we are because of who we all are."

Our Customers

  • We serve Professionals, Small Businesses and SMEs

  • Our priority is to deliver Value for Money

  • We pride ourselves in Sustainability and Automation solutions

  • We only recommend Need-based digital services
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Our Staff

  • Talent, skill and personality over qualifications

  • Equal opportunities & diversity

  • Care for staff and their immediate family

  • Recognise and reward team mates who are in for the long haul


  • Digital over print & paper

  • Flat team structure, no hierarchy

  • Nurture creativity and fun at work

  • Trust, flexible and adaptable
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  • We aim to include Not-for-profit and Charities

  • Pledge % funds from our profits to charity

  • Discounts for “green” projects

  • Involved in community service
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