Technical Maintenance and Support

Technical Maintenance and Support

Technical Maintenance and Support

Atula provides reliable Technology Support and Maintenance Services for all website projects we deliver for our customers on an ongoing basis as an essential add-on. This demonstrates the confidence we have in our work and builds trust in our customers.

What Our Technical Maintenance and Support Service Includes:

✓ WordPress Version Updates

✓ WordPress Plug-in Updates

✓ WordPress Database (My SQL) Optimisation

✓ Database My SQL Administration with PHP MY Admin

✓ Malware checks & recovery (in the event of an attack)

✓ Planned & Unplanned downtimes

✓ Availability and Uptime of website

✓ Hosting C-Panel Administration (if we have provided Hosting)

✓ Hosting Liaison with support tickets & incident management

Benefits of our Technical Support and Maintenance Services:

Enhanced Performance : Our technical support and maintenance services keep your systems optimised and up to date, resulting in improved overall performance and efficiency.

Reduced Downtime : With proactive monitoring and quick issue resolution, we minimise downtime, ensuring uninterrupted business operations.

Technical Assistance : Our skilled professionals offer expert technical support, guiding you through challenges and providing prompt solutions for issues reported or proactively investigated.

Data Security : We implement robust malware protection to protect your sensitive data and safeguard your business from potential cyber threats.

Operational Cost Savings : By preventing major system failures and maximising efficiency, our services help you avoid costly downtime and repair expenses.

Scalability : We ensure your technology infrastructure can scale with your business growth, adapting to changing needs seamlessly.

Technical Support and Maintenance Services

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FAQ on Technical Support and Maintenance Services

Tech Support and Maintenance Services encompass a range of activities to ensure the smooth functioning, security, and reliability of a company's website/Infrastructure/Both. These services include proactive monitoring, upgrades, plug-in updates, software updates, cybersecurity measures, and more.

Yes, reputable technical support and maintenance service providers offer customisable service packages tailored to your business's specific requirements and size. They can adapt their offerings to address your unique technology challenges and objectives.

Some Tech Support services offer IT consulting to help businesses develop IT strategies aligned with their goals. They can assist in technology planning, recommending suitable solutions for the company's needs.
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