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Analytics and Search Strategy

Analytics and Search Strategy

SMEs, often tend to oversee / not know how to set-up products like Google Analytics, Google Search Console UK, Google Ads etc. and linking them to the properties in their new website. For this service, we understand your business in detail and offer a strategic guide/document tailored to enhance your business performance using Google so you can eventually do it yourself. If not, we are there for you and can offer any service to implement from the Google Business Solutions. Trust Atula for straightforward, practical solutions tailored to your needs.

What the service includes:

✓ An implementation Guide that offers step-by-step approach on installing and linking google products for your business

✓ A 60-minute consultation once the guide is delivered for any clarifications needed.

Benefits of our Analytics & Search Strategy Services:

Importance of Google: Understand the importance of google and its products in association to your website and relevance to grow your business.

Guide to DIY: We give you a tailored guide to DIY for implementing this strategy for your own business/website

Reduced cost: If you are moderately tech-savvy, you can implement the guide yourself.

Standard approach: The guide considers your business context and the best-practices for setting up your google services and linking it to your website/e-commerce store online.

Analytics & Search Strategy Services

Price: £980 + VAT (£1225) [20% off You Save: £245]

Duration: One time activity 4-6 weeks

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✓ A detailed PDF document tailored to your business on how to set up each google product (step-by-step), that you should implement and link to your website.

✓ You will also get a 60-minute free consultation after the strategy document is delivered for clarifications when you get around implementing it yourself.

FAQ on Analytics & Search Strategy Services

Analytics and Search Services refer to the process of setting up and utilising tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console UK, and Google Ads to gather valuable data and insights about a business's online presence. A strategic guide is offered to enhance business performance using Google services. This empowers enterprises to eventually manage these tools themselves, with the option of professional implementation if needed.

An Analytics and Search Strategy Guide provides tailored instructions for using tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google Ads. It empowers your business to gather data, make informed decisions, and enhance online performance. With step-by-step guidance, you'll optimise strategies and drive growth, backed by our expertise and support.

Analytics and Search Strategy involves creating a tailored plan /guide and roadmap for your business suggesting the essential Google products like Google Analytics, Search console, Google Ads etc. with the step-by-step instructions to create them and link them to your website/e-commerce store. On the other hand, Google Business Solutions focus on implementing that strategy in the form of 3-4 services if you are not too tech-savvy or DIY person and would rather get the experts to do it for you. One creates the roadmap, while the other executes it for optimal results. We are equipped to do both as well, so that the strategy remains a live document for you to share with your team in this function as your business grows.

Yes, as long as your business does not change completely. E.g., Shifting to sell shoes instead of the original furniture store online.

Predictable outcomes, error-free set-up of the google tools needed to maximise the insights to your business from the outside world and take informed decisions.
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