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Web Development Strategy Services

Web Development Strategy Services

Our customised Web Development strategy offers a clear sense of direction to make the right technology choice for your business with pros and cons. It dispels several assumptions and doubts about what technology platforms we will use for your online business and why (if you choose us as your development partner), how easily maintainable would it be once deployed and other considerations like hosting. Being a technology focussed business, we are agnostic to modern next generation development technologies and make the selection according to our understanding of your business, products/services, goals, challenges & needs. Don’t go for any technology blindly, plan it first. And that is you will achieve with this service from us giving you 100% guarantee.

What our Web Development Strategy Service includes:

✓ A questionnaire to understand your as-is situation.

✓ A virtual meet & greet session / f2f in High Wycombe over coffee/tea

✓ Guidance and clarifications on technology related queries

✓ Comparisons on technologies available for the same objective

✓ Development methodology to use

Benefits of the Technology & Development strategy:

✓ A clear roadmap to planning your technology & development approach and sticking to it.

✓ Tailored to YOUR business and needs

✓ Considerations to plan on what technologies to use and pitfalls to avoid

Web Development Strategy Services

Price: £ 925 + VAT (£1050) [12% off (save £125)]

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✓ A T&D Strategy document (living document) that is tailored to your business,

✓ 90-minute video /f2f meeting (After the service is delivered)

FAQ on Web Development Strategy

Web Development Strategy is a way of gaining full clarity and control over considerations for developing your website before actually doing it.

Web Development Strategy gives the right direction to your project, whoever is developing your website. It is a living document that can be used beyond your project completion for other projects using the template

Most Business Owners may not have the advantage of being technically savvy. The Web Development Strategy document ensures you have an active document that can be handed over to your website/e-commerce store developer (if you already have one) using the guidelines proposed – which means you are in better control of your project spelling out a clear requirement on the technology considerations and approach.

Making bad choices, cost overruns, over-run in timelines and impact to quality of your website/store are some of the risks involved in not having a clear Web Development strategy.
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