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Brand Identity Agency

Atula is an upcoming Brand Identity Agency in the UK, providing meaningful, exciting and consistent brand design services in and around the UK. We specialise in crafting unique and captivating brand identities and guidelines that align the perceptions, values, feelings and expectations of your Target Audience (from your products/ services) with your own. Our experienced staff combine strategy and creativity to deliver a holistic set of branding solutions that is just right for your business. Whether you are a startup or a small and medium business enterprise, you can be rest assured that your brand stands out. As an upcoming Brand Identity Agency in the UK, we pride ourselves in delivering cost effective, yet measurable results that drive business growth and success and with a Brand Identity that you will be proud to associate with. Partner with us today to elevate your brand and make a lasting impact in the market.

Benefits of our Brand Identity Agency Services:

Quality Deliverables: QA’d by us and Reviewed by you with our edits to your changes (one iteration)

Unique Visual Identity: We create You get distinctive logos, colour schemes, and design elements that set your brand apart, making it easily recognisable in a crowded and competitive market in the UK.

Consistency Across Platforms: With our brand design services, you will achieve consistent branding across all your marketing materials, websites, and social media platforms, reinforcing your brand's message and image.

Increased Trust and Brand Loyalty: A strong brand identity will foster a sense of trust and familiarity among your customers, leading to increased brand loyalty and repeat business.

Improved Brand Perception: Your brand's reputation and perception, positioning it as a reliable and professional choice in the eyes of your customers/consumers.

Enhanced Competitive Advantage: By investing in your Brand Identity Agency, you gain a competitive edge as a well-defined brand with a compelling visual identity that increases sales, builds on your revenues and retains customers effectively.

What is included in our Brand Design Agency Services?

✓ Comprehensive brand discovery and research to understand your business, target audience, and market positioning.

✓ Logo design and refinement to create a visually striking and memorable brand symbol.

✓ Development of a cohesive colour palette that resonates with your brand's personality and values.

✓ Selection of appropriate typography and text styles that align with your brand's tone and message.

✓ Up to 5 example samples of how your logo and standards could be applied .

✓ Creation of brand guidelines that ensure consistency in visual elements across all media.

Brand Identity Agency Services

One time activity 12-16 weeks

Time and Material, until we define & agree the scope + Fixed price based on actual effort.

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What You Get:

A well curated tailored Brand Identity document (editable) including logo and standardised design elements like font’s, shapes, colours and graphics for use in digital, print and broadcast media

FAQ on Brand Identity Agency Services

A Brand Identity Agency specialises in creating and managing the catchy visual and verbal elements that define a brand. They craft unique brand identities, including logos, colour schemes, and typography, to ensure consistency and recognition across all media and brand communications.

A Brand Identity Agency provides a range of services, including logo design, brand guidelines, colour palette development, typography selection, type of graphic imagery, placement of logo in various media, visual identity extension to online platforms, and branded collateral design for marketing materials.

The process typically involves initial brand discovery and research, where the agency learns about your business and goals over a set of meetings. Then, they proceed with designing and refining visual elements, developing brand guidelines, and providing ongoing support as your brand evolves.

Absolutely! Brand design agencies can work with existing brands to refresh or revamp their visual identity, making it more relevant, modern, and aligned with the current market trends.

The timeline varies depending on the scope of the project. Developing a comprehensive brand identity may take anywhere between 12 -16 weeks.

Yes, brand design agencies cater to businesses of all sizes. They can tailor their services to meet the specific needs and budget constraints of startups and small businesses.
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